“One portal” to online payment services. Accept launches “Delivery” service in the Egyptian market

Since the early of 1996 when banks started using debit cards, people’s lives have changed, they started to use this plastic card to deposit or withdraw money from their bank accounts. By time, the evolution of online shopping started to appear and, consequently, the ability to pay online through your debit or credit card has made shopping experience much easier and fun. Despite the growth of online transactions, a huge amount of people still preferred to pay cash on delivery. 
So, when the customer chooses to buy a product online and proceed to the checkout page, he chooses to pay cash on delivery. The merchant will ask the courier to come and take the product, the courier – on his turn – will start delivering the product to the customer, and collect the money, then reverse the process to get the money back to the merchant.
The drawback for this model is that the merchant needs to sign multiple contracts and make multiple integrations with different systems to get his money. He has not only to collect his revenue from 2 different entities, but also to pay to both: the payment service provider and the courier. In addition to that, we’re not mentioning the efforts of integration and the fact of contacting the support of two different companies when there’s a problem in the order. Thus, at the end of each month, the merchant will have to put a lot of effort to upload reports and to track the flow of his money.But what if your payment gateway also supports cash collection and delivery…?With a single integration with Accept Payment Gateway, with multiple payment methods, you can now have cash on delivery. There’s no need to upload orders manually to courier, once the customer chooses that he wants to pay cash on delivery, he just enters his shipping info and Accept will handle the rest of the process.This would make you track your order properly and easily in one single reporting dashboard. Avoid being in a hassle of collecting money, in just one settlement. Accept offers you more than five different payment methods, so you will get all your payment methods settled weekly on the same time. Accept will let you get rid of the hassle of reporting as well, as through our portal you can have an instant reporting system.So now through our payment gateway, you can get your money through cards, installments, wallet, Kiosk outlets, and last but not least through cash on delivery.